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Pour  les enfants ayant des troubles moteurs causés par des lésions neurologiques. : IMC, Trisomie, hypotonie, retard du développement.

Comment ça


“The therapeutic goals of Reflexlocomotion are: to facilitate the automatic regulation or control of the body's position, to facilitate the active maintenance of the support function of the extremities, and to stimulate coordinated muscle activity. These skills are disturbed to a greater or lesser extent in every central or peripheral lesion of the nervous systems or impairment of the movement apparatus. The pathological, substitute patterns of movement that then arise can be treated by Reflexlocomotion.

In the treatment of babies, children, and adolescents the parents are thoroughly instructed to carry out Reflexlocomotion. In the treatment of adults, this task can be taken on by their partner, or someone close to them. Regardless of the age of the patient, regular appointments with the outpatient Physiotherapist should take place.

Optimally, the Therapy should becarried out 4 times a day.

The treatment should not last more than20 minutes and s always matched to the actual state of health of the patient.”

“Besides the skeletal musculature, muscles involved in facial expression, eye movements, the swallowing process, bladder and bowel function, and breathing are also activated. This flow of authentic motor reactions is provoked by graded pressure applied on certain body parts which are called "zones", with the patient placed inspecific positions (supine, side-lying, and prone) and are reproducible at any time. They are part of human movement processes such as grasping, rolling, creeping, crawling, and walking. Global patterns form the basis of the motor rehabilitation of babies, children, adolescents, and adults.”

Pour résumer, le but de la reflexlocomotion est d’améliorer les positions du corps et de stimuler la coordination de muscles en appliquant une pression sur des zones spécifiques.

La reflexlocomotion utilise 2 sortes de coordinations : le rampage et les roulades.

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