Handicaps/Troubles traités

·   Tous les handicaps qui induisent des troubles neurologiques

Comment ça marche

Traitement qui consiste en une injection de hydrolyzates avec ou sans seringue dans des zones specifiques: cutanées, musculaires, tissus, ligaments…

“Brain hydrolyzates are incorporated in microdoses as injections or without needles (using punctual microelectrophoresis or drug-based massage) into segmental zones of skin, muscles, connective tissue ligaments and periosteum, and also along the course of the basic nerves of extremities, neck and trunk. The original method of metameric drug-based massage, based on rubbing of bioactive agents (cerebrolyzate and others) into the segmental skin zones associated with the level of injury or dysfunction of the nervous system, was developed in the Center. The bioactive agents are transported through the skin by the means of special ointment and are stored in specific hypodermic depots. “


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